Most extravagant casino building of all times

If you want to be admired, you need to go big. And for this new client, an online casino, we decided to go all out. We were put in charge of designing a building for their headquarters in Amsterdam. The name of the casino is Show Your Cards Casino, or SYC Casino, and the tag line is; I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours. We wouldn’t be Abaco Arte if we didn’t use this information for our design. Read on if you want to know what exactly we did with it.

SYC Casino

But first a little information about the client. This casino has been established in 2015 and has been growing M-o-M ever since. In fact, the casino has gotten so big, that it has outgrown their old office within two years of its existence. Right now the casino employs a total of 250 people, but this number is expected to grow to 300 by the end of the year. Something that definitely contributed to this growth is the fact that the casino loves to give out free spins. In fact, in their home country there are a lot of lists that they always manage to dominate. Like the overzicht van de beste free spins van 2020, which means overview of the best free spins of 2020. Topping these kinds of lists makes it a bit easier for a casino to accomplish significant growth.

New casino building

So we were hired to design the new SYC Casino office. The place that gives out free spins. However, we decided not to focus on the free spins as much as on the name. Our though behind that was that casino promotions change all the time, but a casino won’t change its name as easily. At first we designed a normal structure, for at least 350 people to work, as it seemed like the casino was going to continue to grow. It included everything any other online casino offers its employees. From a foosball table, to a free candy machine and a free smoothie/salad bar on every floor. Of course there was also a place to relax and sit in the sun on every floor. The only thing we did do differently was that we left one side of the building open.

Casino extras

That’s where the new casino office got interesting. And this was the most difficult part to design. We were getting no free spins for this, it had to be done correctly and spectacularly right away. The open part of the building got floor to ceiling windows, that were actual windows from inside but a big mirror from outside. Not all of the outside part was a mirror, though. On the top floor, the mirror was actually a screen that read “Show Your Cards Casino, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” Below that were two playing cards, that could change every day. Below that possible winning poker hands with these combinations were shown. This not only to educate by passers on casino games like poker, but also to let everyone know that there’s a new casino in town.

Delays in building the casino

We wrote the article in the past tense as we have the plan ready to be build, but the casino had ordered it ahead of time. Officially, SYC Casino should have asked its mother company for approval before giving us the order. Now they went the other way around in hopes to wow the board of directors with the new casino headquarters. So we are currently waiting for an update.