New office design for Bettson casino online

Thank you for joining us at Abaco Arte. Today we’re going to discuss a recent project that we’re working on for one of our newest clients. As you know, our team strives to help other individuals and companies seize their space. This begins to harness the physical space and alter the design to truly suit the needs and atmosphere desired by each client. Afterward, we can begin incorporating smaller elements of design and branding in order to reflect the level of professionalism, comfort, and so on that has been asked of us.

Our newest client is Bettson casino online 2020. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Bettson casino online 2020, we’ll take a moment to explain a bit more about them in order to explain our design choices with more clarity. Read on for full project details

Bettson casino online 2020

Bettson casino online 2020 is an excellent gambling platform that has been serving players in Spain and around the globe for several years. They’ve earned a lot of loyalty from their members, and for good reason. As a business, Bettson casino online 2020 has done their part to offer a reliable, attractive, and fun experience to those individuals that gamble on this wagering platform.

They offer hundreds of top online casino games, for starters. This includes software from some of the top providers in the gambling industry. Names such as Microgaming, NetEnt, and Betsoft are simply the beginning of a long list of supporters. Additionally, their selection is diverse. Bettson casino online 2020 has entertained the masses by offering the best choices in slots, table, card, and other casino games.

Consulting with Bettson casino online 2020

When it came time to design the office space for Bettson casino online 2020, we went and had a chat with the owners. We noted immediately that the space was a great size – but it lacked cohesion and was made up of some very lackluster design elements. The Bettson casino online 2020 team communicated several main needs for us.

First, they wanted to reorganize the space to allow for more free conversation between personnel. With the initial set-up, there were some rather garish cubicles that physically and mentally divided team members who needed to speak with each other. After all, when it came to discussing promotions or new casino games, those decisions aren’t made by one person. Squeezing into a single cubicle or yelling over top isn’t exactly a useful setup.

We arranged for a honeycomb design with large cutouts in the dividers to allow for more free exchange. We also sectioned off a part of the room to allow staff to gather around a large table while still having dozens of access points to plug in personal computers, should they need.

Bettson casino online 2020 is also all about fun and relaxation. Even though the team at Bettson casino online 2020 has a job to do, the owners still wanted staff to feel relaxed and at home in the office, just like gamblers feel at the online casino. To accomplish this, we made sure to include a lounging area away from the workspaces. This gives the hard-working crew time to put their feet up and unwind while on break.

Last, we implemented a makeover of their color palette and room décor. As we mentioned, the previous tone of the Bettson casino online 2020 office was far from inspiring. This team works for an exciting gambling platform that delivers joy to players around the world. We wanted to include colors from their website to really capture the positive mood they give to others. We are currently implementing this design.