Our Projects

Architecture is one field that has very many projects that can be carried out. Abaco Arte works within a range of various projects so as to bring a unique design to every project we undertake. We attract customers who want to build a space that is not just a structure but one that expresses who they are.

Most of our clients are usually at the initial or middle stage which means they are looking to grow in the future. So, they want a building that can reflect their dreams and visions using design. That has worked so well with our client centered approach, since we always begin with programming which entails customizing and creating design based on their goals.

Whenever we approach any client, we make sure we have an open mind which allows us to listen to their needs. So even if both you and another client are looking to build a house that is vintage like, there will always be a difference between the two since each is customized.
Below is a detail of the various projects we have worked on.

Residential Projects
Your home is your haven. Therefore, whenever we have a residential project we have always given it our all. We have had the chance to complete more than ten residential projects in Miami and that has made us very proud experts in the architecture industry.
By listening to our customer’s needs, we have been able to design and build extra ordinary residential buildings. Each one of our projects is unique and different from the other. However, most of our residential projects are simple but elegant. They have awesome lighting, detail and finishes among more.

Commercial Projects
We are proud to design commercial buildings be it an office, a hospital or a social amenity. We ensure that all our commercial projects stand out from other commercial buildings in the area. In addition, we brand all our commercial spaces so that their sole purpose and mission can be known to the world. Click here to get an insight into our newest project for Bettson casino

We have achieved this through listening to our clients needs and then developing a design that is in accordance with their set goals and expectations. From there, we design the interior space according to your specifications. If you want an open space, we make sure there is enough room for everyone and also, there is good air conditioning and lighting.

Healthcare projects
Healthcare projects require a lot of focus and determination. We are proud to have worked on a few healthcare projects and that is a great experience. To design this, we factor in all the regulations, special needs, equipments to be put in the facility and the number of patients the clinic or hospital is hoping to support.

Multifamily projects
It is more of a residential project but it is larger in size. It entails designing larger houses that hold more than one single family. In most cases, it has other structures such as swimming pools and work out areas. They involve more planning and coordination than residential projects.
Abarco arte has had extensive experience working with projects of all stages of development. We have worked with building, renovations, master planning and even interior planning and that has given experience which enables us to be proud asking you to trust with your projects. We promise, you will not regret working with us.